Established in 1995, Tork has been the leading manufacturer of hose, pipe and heavy duty clamps and other clamping and fixing products in Turkey. With a team of 140 expert staff, increasing range of products, and manufacturing capacity, Tork dominates clamping industry. Our recent addition of 3500 m2 manufacturing site to our initial 2500 m2 production area helps Tork increase its capacity to process 6,000 ton sheet metal / year.

From product development to delivery and logistics, we apply the principles of ISO 9001:2008 in all processes, and our manufacturing is done according to the associated international norms.

Our 2014/2015 catalog contains Tork’s broad and comprehensive knowledge in designing and manufacturing clamping and fixing products. As our new range includes all of the products demanded by OEM and aftermarket customers, “Tork” brand name has become the one stop shop for all of your clamping and fixing needs.

We welcome you to extend your product line offering with our exciting new products!